Hey! I'm Emma Stoks. 

This is my university.

Designed, managed, and attended by yours truly. 

Instead of going to college, I made the world my university. 

On this blog, I share the things I learned, the tools I used, and everything you need to do the same. 

'One of the biggest misunderstandings about education is that schools are the only place where we learn. It couldn’t be less true.'

Emma Stoks

(Yes I am shamelessly quoting myself)

So. Here's the story:

After I graduated high school, I decided not to go to college. Instead, I made the world my university and designed my own college education. 

I started a company, found mentors, followed courses, started a newsletter, made a podcast, shadowed inspiring leaders, and did a lot more cool stuff. 

Two years in I realized I wasn't doing anything new. I have always created my own learning process, only now I was doing it entirely outside of existing educational systems, instead of working around them. 


I got you. Watch my TEDx talk:

'Education should empower anyone to learn more, better and to gain knowledge and skills beyond what the learner thought was possible.


It should never hinder anyone in their learning process. Not by denying them access. Not by making them feel stupid.'

Emma Stoks

(Yup. Doing it again.)

I know very well that I’m not the only one not earning a college degree.


I’m also not the only one consciously choosing not to pursue one.

There aren’t many people sharing their journey, however. I created this website to share my experiences, best practices, and tools.

I hope it will give you a kick-start, a helping hand or some inspiration.

Go get 'em, 




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Emma Stoks